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Construction is a multi-staged process. Each phase requires a unique set of skills and expertise. To tackle a construction project, a team of engineers, specialists, and experts must collaborate to ensure the quality, structural rigidity and soundness of the finished structure.
Al Hilal Engineering Consultancy is a Dubai based firm composed of certified, experienced, and highly qualified construction professionals who specialise in accomplishing the various tasks involved in every stage of the construction process – from conceptualisation to site supervision and quality control.

Unlimited construction services covering every stage of the process

Pre-construction solutions The pre-construction covers the entire process of conceptualisation, planning, and design. From site analysis and cost estimation to timeline development and permit coordination, all the tasks in this stage are in preparation for the actual building process that is about to take place in the next phase.  During this stage, specifics of the project are detailed and finalised, including the indoor and outdoor finishing, overall design and specifications, and other architectural aspects of the project. The architect and the engineers or engineering consultant involved in the project also coordinate the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design of the structure during this stage.

Construction management solutions

Managing a construction project in Dubai entails supervising and ensuring the progress of multiple aspects of the building process, making sure everything is accomplished on time, and according to the highest standards of quality. Al Hilal Engineering Consultants can provide you with an unlimited engineering consultant in Dubai who can oversee and manage the project to guarantee a timely turnaround performance on all tasks. Having an an unlimited engineering consultant overseeing the progress of the project allows business owners to concentrate on running growing their venture, while their investment gradually approaches completion.

Construction services covering the entire spectrum of application

Al Hilal Engineering Consultants have the proficiency and technical experience to handle virtually any project in Dubai or the UAE, from tech ventures to high security facilities and banks. We can provide you a range of services, based on the needs of your project and your resources.

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